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Kailon’s Personal Care Boxes

Our team of experienced skin and hair care experts, have processed the answers to the free skin and hair analysis to understand your requirements and thoughtfully put together a series of personal care boxes. Each of Kailon’s Personal Care Boxes feature a curated collection three to five, skin / hair care products from Kailon, that are cruelty free, 100% vegetarian, sourced without harming the environment, that cater specifically to your unique skin and hair care needs. There’s a Kailon Personal Care box out there for everybody! Consistency is the key especially if the recommended product combination has started to show results. Hence we suggest going in for a 3 month subscription. If you are a first time user, we recommend taking a free & easy skincare analysis to help our experts recommend the right Personal Care Boxes for subscription!

Money back Guarantee

  • At the starting of your subscription our experts would request you to share a photograph illustrating the skin / hair challenge you are looking to be addressed
  • At the beginning of every month our experts would ask for a photograph to understand the progress and challenges if any.
  • At the end of the third month of the subscription photo would be requested for comparing the progress vis-à-vis the beginning of subscription
  • If you are not happy with the improvement, we try to understand your concern to change your products. If you are still not satisfied, you can cancel your subscription at any time and a full refund will be given to you within 30 days. No questions asked.

Free monthly consultation with dermatologists

  • As a part of your Kailon Personal Care Box subscription, we offer free monthly consultation (15mins) with our expert dermatologists helping us understand your progress and challenges if any.



Frequently Asked Questions

Kailon addresses skin tan, pigmentation, dark circles, oily skin issues, fine-lines, initial stages of acne, post acne blemishes, skin dullness and pigmentation along with skin care essentials.

Kailon addresses oily scalp issues, dandruff, hair fall, hair thinning, hair nourishing & conditioning, premature greying of hair along with hair care essentials.

You can take our free hair/skin analysis i.e. in thekailon.com you can click on Skin/Hair Tab and then go to *start your free skin/hair*, where our expert team will suggest a suitable a range of products exclusively for you.

Yes, every ingredient is carefully chosen for being safe and effective on every skin and hair type.

We do not recommend any of our serums to be used during pregnancy. Besides those, you are free to use anything.

Yes, All kailon facial cleansers remove oil, dirt and grime without disturbing the Skin’s pH balance.

Caring for your skin reduces ageing and boosts confidence. Additionally, we see fewer fine-lines/ wrinkles in people who take care of their skin regularly.

Do not pop acne blemishes as it causes trauma to the skin and creates scarring.

Applying sunscreen on a daily basis is essential. Beyond that, it just takes a few minutes every morning and evening to do the basics: washing your face with a gentle cleanser and applying moisturizer with suitable night cream to your face and neck.

No, you can only order from our website.

It takes 5-7 working days.

Typically, skin is classified as normal, oily, dry, and combination. Normal skin is a well-balanced skin. Oily skin is often felt greasy and shiny all over. Dry skin lacks of moisture and felt tight and dry. Combination Skin has a oily T-zone.

Order Confirmations are sent out immediately. Our emails can sometimes accidentally go straight to your junk folder and/or may be flagged by spam filters. If you haven’t received confirmation from us, please call our customer care number 9080 3900 77

We don't offer exchanges but we do have a 7-day Return Policy (valid only if the product seal is not open) on all items purchased directly from us. Please note any purchases made through a third-party retailer are exempt from our Return Policy and would be subject to the specific retailer’s policies over which we have no control.

We accept all major credit/Debit cards, net banking and UPI payments.

You can order our products on our website or on Amazon/Flipkart.

You can get in touch with us via call or email. Contact us- 8367036666/letstalk@thekailon.com