Product Description

Kailon’s Pore Perfecting Cleanser for oily skin is formulated in a gel base to facilitate ease of cleansing oily skin tissues.

Salicylic acid as a potent BHA, penetrates into deeper layers of the Stratum corneum and helps in removing surface layers of dead skin and reduces the acne breakouts.

This formulation contains natural water soluble vitamin DL-Panthenol & betaine that provide necessary nutrients to the skin, helps moistening & soothing the skin effectively.

The goodness of coco derived surfactants are exclusively designed to encounter all types of issues in oily skin like sensitiveness, acne, irritation as well.

Aloe vera extract helps to refine skin texture and controls excessive oil secretion keeping the skin calm during cleansing.

Active Composition

Salicylic acid 2%, Betaine 0.5%, Dl Panthenol 0.5%, Aloe vera root extract 0.5%, Allantoin 0.5%

How to Use

Use twice a day for noticeable results.

Take a liberal amount on your palm and gently massage into the dampened skin. Leave on for a few minutes,then rinse thoroughly with water.

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Free Dermatologist consultation

  • As a part of your Kailon Personal Care Box subscription, we offer free monthly consultation (15mins) with our expert dermatologists helping us understand your progress and challenges if any.