Sun Shield SPF 40 (For All Skin Types)

Product Description When our skin is exposed to sun rays, it absorbs Ultraviolet A & Ultraviolet B rays of the sun. Ultraviolet B rays are mainly responsible for sunburn and...
Rs. 510.00 Rs. 459.00
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Hydration Serum for Acne

Product Description Kailon’s Hydration Serum infused with actives is mainly tailored to address skin issues pertinent to acne/pimples. Azelaic acid treats acne by inhibiting the growth of pore infecting bacteria...
Rs. 960.00 Rs. 816.00
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Nourishing Facial Cleanser For Sensitive Skin

Product Description Kailon’s Nourishing Facial Cleanser for sensitive skin is infused with colloidal oatmeal, nutrient rich oils and skin brightening vitamins tailored for sensitive skin.  Apricot kernel oil restores elasticity...
Rs. 447.00 Rs. 380.00
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Shea Butter Infused Moisturizer For Sensitive Skin

Product Description Kailon’s Shea Butter Infused Moisturizer contains potent ingredients that are tailored for sensitive skin. Betaine,with its moisturizing abilities keeps the skin hydrated and smooth. It also mollifies and...
Rs. 510.00 Rs. 459.00
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