Smashing Misogyny and Patriarchy, Bhwana Jat sets new national record in race walking, qualifies for Tokyo Olympics

Breaking the hurdles of misogyny and financial disturbances, Bhawna Jat made it to Tokyo Olympics 2020. 

Hailing from the tiny village of Kabra in Ajmer district, Rajasthan, Bhawna was born on 3 January 1996 as the youngest of three children into a family of farmers. Showing a keen interest in athletics from a very young age, Bhawna picked up race-walking at the age of 13, by chance, back in 2009, as she reached a district-level athletics competition late and only the 3000 metres race walk event was left. Making the most of the opportunity she not only participated but finished 2nd, marking her entry into competitive race-walking.

Initial years saw her drop out of college due to financial challenges at home and even compete barefoot. Add to this was the conservative mindset of her village elders who were not happy to see a girl in shorts trying to play a sport! Her parents’ unstinted support gave her the confidence to aim big. Her brother dropped out of college and took up a job to support her aspirations financially.

Between 2014 and 2015, Jat won medals in zonal and national junior level competitions. In 2016, she landed a job with the Indian Railways as a ticket collector in Howrah, West Bengal. She booked her ticket to the Tokyo Olympics 2020 by breaking the national record in National Open Championships in February 2020

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Kailon applauds Bhavna Jat’s true spirit of being a champion!  We wish & pray she finds her #thehappinessformula in her quest for success at the Tokyo Olympics 2020 and make India proud again!