Skincare Mistakes to Avoid During Winters - The Kailon

It’s December. Winter is usually a time for shorter days and longer nights, but it's also a time of year when you should be more vigilant about your winter skincare routine. The cold weather tends to dehydrate the skin, which contributes to conditions like eczema, psoriasis and dandruff.

Skin care is one of the most important beauty rituals you can follow, and it is especially true during winter season. Think about it: You're most likely to be indoors with your windows closed and heating set high, which means there's little air circulation in the room (and therefore little moisture). You're also more likely to be exposed to harsh chemicals in the air (from cleaning products, etc.) or cold weather elements like wind and sun.

Being diligent about your skin care routine is important all year round, but in the winter it becomes even more crucial. As a part of your winter skincare, it's easy to focus on what you're eating and drinking. But your skin is a living organ and just as important to maintain. Here are some common skincare mistakes to avoid during winter:

1.Transitioning your skincare routine with change in weather

During the winter, it’s hard enough to keep your face clean of makeup and oil while still not feeling raw and dry. Toss in changing weather, higher indoor air quality, and a disrupted sleep cycle (or travel schedule), and you’ve created a recipe for skin chaos. With this in mind, having a well-crafted winter skincare routine is key to maintaining a healthy complexion during the winter season.

2.Not exfoliating

We all know the importance of exfoliating year round, but it is especially important in winter. Winter air and heating can dry our skin out quickly. This means, as a part of our winter skincare routine, we need to use a gentle, yet powerful exfoliant to cleanse the dead and dry skin cells that build up on our faces, hands and bodies during this time of year.

3.Washing Your Face Too Often

It's tempting to want to wash your face every time you get out of bed or before you go out in the cold -- just so you feel fresher. But washing too frequently can strip away essential oils and other nutrients that keep your skin healthy. So if your skin feels oily or dirty, try blotting it with a tissue instead of immediately reaching for the cleanser.

4.Not applying moisturizer immediately after showering.

The steam from showering opens up your pores, so if you don't apply moisturizer straight away then that steam will cause your skin to dry out even more. Dry air outside can make you feel even drier on the inside, so a good moisturizer is an essential part of winter skincare and will help to keep your skin hydrated.

5.Skipping SPF protection.

Even though your body isn't usually exposed to sun, it doesn't mean your skin isn't! You can get a sunburn through the windows of your car or by walking through snow-covered areas that have been previously exposed to the sun. Be sure that putting on sunscreen every day is in your skincare routine. Also wear gloves if you are outside for long periods of time.

6.Using too many products

One of the most dangerous skincare mistakes to make in winter is to use too many products. When you have a heavy, greasy moisturizer it becomes easy for bacteria to grow. This causes acne and makes your skin flaky. It can also cause cold sores and other infections, as well as causing redness and irritation if you suffer from sensitive skin. Look up for the ideal winter skin care products suitable for your skin and shop for them in advance.

7.Oil-free products best for oily skin? No!

Many people think that oil-free products are best for oily skin, but this isn't necessarily true. The problem with oily skin is having pores that are too large, so using an oil-free product that closes the pores will actually make your skin more oily as it tries to compensate for not having enough sebum on its surface. Finding suitable winter skincare products with the right balance of ingredients will help keep your skin hydrated without making it worse or causing more breakouts.

8.Taking really hot showers

Many people believe that taking really hot showers is good for the skin in winters. It might feel pleasant and help you kick-start your day. However, the excessive heat can damage your skin and lead to dehydration. Overheating can also cause loss of moisture from the top layer of skin and hair, leaving it rough and unmanageable. Keep really hot showers out of your winter skincare routine. If required use mildly warm water.

As important as it is in the summer, your skincare routine is even more vital during the winter. You need to be even more cognizant of your overall well-being and take extra precautions to safeguard your skin and protect yourself from temperature and weather fluctuations, which could lead to cracking, chapping and general flaking. Skin care during winters can be tricky, and even if you’re already following a skincare routine, there are some things that you should definitely avoid while your skin is at its most vulnerable. Thankfully, we have compiled a list of common mistakes that countless women have made in the past, so hopefully you won’t be caught off-guard.

Happy winters!