How to Choose The Right Shampoo For Your Hair Type?

Whether it's in a supermarket or while shopping online, are you someone who feels lost given the choices when it comes to shampoos and conditioners? You are not alone. Relax! 


Over the years, choice has played a significant role in consumers zeroing in on a particular category, brand, and, finally, a variant. Add to that the problem they are tackling! And with shampoos, it's no different! 


But with so many brands and products to choose from, one wonders how and where to start! Shampoo, in all probability, is one of the most commonly used products on your hair. Therefore, it plays a critical role in making or breaking your hair. 


Identify your scalp & hair type 

Before you head to the nearest supermarket or your favourite online store, it's time to get to know your hair and scalp! Shampoos help in removing excess oils and dirt from your scalp & hair. If you have a healthy scalp, it will be easy to maintain your hair. On the contrary, identifying the right shampoo for your hair is necessary if it is itchy or dry, and oily. Otherwise, it will be tough to maintain your locks. So, knowing your scalp is the first step in choosing the best shampoo for your hair.


And how do you do that? Simple! Head to Kailon's free hair analysis, answer some simple questions about your hair & scalp to get expert recommendations on the products you should use! All in a matter of minutes! 


Scalp types, like a lot of other things, differ from person to person. To have healthy and happy hair, you need to have a healthy and happy scalp! 


Oily Scalps

If you are someone whose hair bundles together, is flat against your head, or gets noticeably greasy within the day, then you most likely have overactive sebaceous glands. Basically, your scalp tends to be oily or greasy, which means you've probably tried a lot of different shampoos with almost no luck. You would have also tried other routines, washing daily (once or even twice) to allowing long intervals to control excess oil and sebum production. Excess oil production often creates an environment that's too slick to be styled, or worse off; it may have some flaky dandruff.


Our recommendation: Kailon's Dandruff Control Shampoo

Kailon's Dandruff Control Shampoo contains potent antimicrobials, which are specially tailored for dandruff-prone scalp. The infusion of Piroctone olamine, Green tea extract, and Salicylic acid promotes hair growth by reducing dandruff, combating dry scalp, facilitating blood circulation within the scalp, and preventing oil build-up within hair follicles.


For better results, we suggest using the Volumnising Hair Serum in tandem!


Dry Scalp

When your scalp is dry, itchy, or flaky, picking the right shampoo can be your first line of protection against the not-so-comfortable, sometimes utterly awkward situations that you can find yourselves in. Choosing a shampoo that doesn't add to the issue when you have a dry scalp is paramount. 


Our recommendation: Kailon's Hairfall Rescue Shampoo

Kailon's Hairfall Rescue Shampoo is a rich blend of the essential Amino acid complex. This formulation helps in boosting the growth of hair follicles, promotes blood circulation to the scalp, and improves hair resilience. Hydrolysed keratin moisturizes and smoothens the hair to reduce frizziness & prevent breakage. Bhringraj extract helps to reduce greying and dandruff. Brahmi extract imparts thickness to the hair under the aegis of alkaloids via protein binding the hair shaft. 


For better results, we suggest using the Caffeine Hair Vitalising Serum in tandem!


There can be many reasons that result in a change of texture or the nature of your hair. It may be a result of a change in the season, the weather, or age! While you can blame the changes in your hair on the changing weather patterns, the only way out is to change your shampoo according to the need of the hour! Most good shampoos these days are designed to give a specific solution.


Summing it up

Using the right shampoo to take care of your mane is one of the essential parts of your hair care routine. As you know, shampoos work on your hair and your scalp too, hence it's imperative that you spend time identifying the type of hair and scalp you have and zero in on the shampoo to help the same! Further, you can also seek expert advice!