Diet for acne-free Skin: What to eat and avoid for Clearer Skin

Are you ready to follow an acne-free skin diet? Then our gifted crafters of skin care products at Kailon will help you to maintain a clear and healthy skin. While some of you are willing to spend huge sums of money to get rid of the acne, the expensive scrubs and masks may not work at all, if you are actually consuming the foods that cause acne.

It is time to discuss with the skin specialists to know the list of foods to avoid for clear skin. Skin is the medium of communication between you and your physical internal condition. So, if you don’t pay attention to the symptoms, the problem will grow.

Our experts in skin care product crafting at Kailon are ready to share a few facts about the ideal diet to get rid of acne in a week.

Eat Kale

This vegetable from the cabbage family outshines all the other forms due to its nutrient density. This superfood is a storehouse of

 Vitamin A, B-6, C and Vitamin K

 Copper

 Manganese

 Calcium

 Potassium

 Magnesium

High in fiber content and low in calories, this is certainly not among the list of foods to avoid for acne.

Avoid refined carbs

Our experts have proved that there is a direct relationship between foods with high Glycemic Index and acne. These foods that cause acne include refined carbohydrates and sugars including

 Russet potatoes

 White bread

 Boxed macaroni

 Cheese

These will not only increase the blood sugar level rapidly but will also cause acne. According to our experts, the ideal diet plan will demand avoiding all white and refined products. Switch from white bread to the whole- grain breads and white rice to brown rice. These have a low glycemic index.

Add healthy fat to the diet

A thorough discussion with the specialists at Kailon will help you to realize that the anti-inflammatory diet will play a crucial role in the prevention of acne. As acne is an inflammatory disease itself, the foods to avoid for clear skin include the ones that can trigger inflammations.

Have healthy fats like Omega- 3 fatty acids. Fatty fish like sardines, salmon, and the products like chia seeds walnuts, and flaxseed act as the richest sources of healthy fats.

Also, the diet to get rid of acne in a week will set a control on the consumption of saturated fats too. You need to conveniently avoid full-fat dairy products, commercially baked goods and fast foods.

Incorporate Zinc into the diet

Various clinical studies suggest that the intake of food containing zinc can go a long way in preventing acne. The acne-free skin diet should thus include

 Beef

 Cashews

 Pumpkin seeds

 Lentils

 Turkey

 Seafood like crabs and oysters

 Quinoa

We have observed great results in people with serious acne issues when they have Increased the amount of zinc level in the diet.

Avoid chocolates

Eating tasty chocolates will secretly higher the blood sugar level. As a result, acne flare-ups will happen. So, chocolates are one of the many foods to avoid for acne. These have high sugar content. We also request to restrict the consumption of unsweetened chocolates that can worsen the symptoms if they contain 100% cocoa. This is more applicable to young males with a history of acne.

Fill your plates with antioxidants

Antioxidants are very popular for their anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, these are never the foods that cause acne. Bright coloured vegetables like spinaches, peppers, and berries are the perfect addition to the diet if you want to control acne.

 Antioxidants fight the free radicals

 Minimize the oxidative stress in the body

These can calm down the acne together. As we have already shared the list of foods that cause acne usually, it’s time to make a list of the ones to add for controlling the acne. The list will include sunflower seeds, broccoli, squash, pumpkin, beans, kale, spinach, and carrots.

Eat plenty of lemons

If you are ready to follow the appropriate diet to get rid of acne, then you will definitely hear the specialist at Kailon prescribe the consumption of fresh lemon juice. It works as a natural astringent that will aid in the tightening of the sagging skin. It will also blur the blemishes.

However, straight lemon juice is one of the foods to avoid for acne as it can damage the skin’s barrier. So, you need to mix it with water and then consume it.

 Increase collagen production

 Blocking free radicals

 Lightening the acne scars

Squeezing the lemon into a cup of warm water and drinking it every day on an empty stomach will improve your overall health condition.

Legumes prevent acne

Although there is a long list of foods to avoid for clear skin, the list of the things that you can eat is also considerable. The legumes like lentils, chickpea, and peanuts will always help in preventing acne flare-ups.

These are low glycemic and so, they can help in maintaining a consistent blood sugar level. Our suggestions will definitely control the frequent acne flare-ups. High glycemic foods like breakfast cereals and bagels can trigger a spike in the blood sugar level, which increases acne too.

You can always add the legumes to the stews or soups and also on top of the salads to make the meal nutrient-dense.

Eat food with probiotics

Probiotics are healthy bacteria that will have a beneficial effect on your gut. The good bacteria can reduce inflammation and prevent acne. Adding these to the fermentation process like the procedure to convert milk into yoghurt can reduce the levels of growth factors in the milk called IGF-1.

Therefore, yoghurt is invariably a part of the acne-free skin diet. Probiotics that you find in yoghurt with live cultures like sauerkraut, kefir, and kimchi will aid in improving the flareup conditions.

Choose a healthy diet

If you plan to follow our diet to get rid of acne in a week, you have to be very strict about the elimination of the food items from the diet that can increase inflammatory reactions. Therefore, consult with us at Kailon to know in detail how the diet can become the ultimate factor to reduce acne and impart healthy skin.

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