7 Tips to help You fix Dry and Flaky Skin

Diagnosis of dry and flaky skin is essential before starting any treatment plan to fix the problem. No one likes the appearance of flaky skin along with dryness. But to achieve a smooth and glowing complexion with soft skin, you need to consult skin specialists.

Health problems can pair up with external problems like the use of the wrong face wash or the cleanser that adds to the skin woes. But it is necessary to understand the problem first and then allow the doctors to check your skin type before advising a plan for remediation. 

Kailon offers a wide range of skin care products that will help you to bid farewell to dry skin forever.

Consultation is mandatory to tackle Dry and Flaky Skin Issues

The first step to tackling dry skin problems is to consult a skin specialist or certified dermatologist who can help you in the uphill battle. It is time to know what causes dry and flaky skin and how to fix dry flaky skin in simple ways. 

Tip #1: Find out the reason for dryness

If you visit the celebrated aestheticians here, at Kailon, you will realize that we are keen to learn first, whether your skin is dehydrated or dry. 

  • Dry skin refers to a type of skin, like oily skin or normal skin. This type of skin will have insufficient oil, mostly owing to genetic problems. 
  • Dehydrated skin refers to a certain skin condition, that can arise when the skin is not getting sufficient water. The appearance of this type of skin will be dull and tight. 

If your skin is truly dry, there will be low or no production of sebum or oil. With absence of oil to enlarge the follicles or breed bacteria, your skin will show up with itty-bitty pores. As a result, you will develop wrinkles faster. 

It is possible to fix the skin when we accurately diagnose the reason for dryness. 

Tip #2: Gentle washing of face

You need to choose a gentle and alcohol-free non-foaming face wash or cleanser to wash your face twice daily or when you sweat. We would like to share a couple of points about how to fix dry skin.

  • The most common solution will be to use products containing stearic acid that is present in shea butter or linoleic acid that is present in argan oil. Such oils will help in repairing the skin. 
  • When your skin is damp, the application of any topical medication will help. After a few minutes, use the moisturizer like the one with Shea Butter. 

For sensitive skin, we specially formulate products with cream and oil bases. 

Tip #3: Moisturize

Frequent application of moisturizer will help to control the dry feel. This is especially helpful after bathing or handwashing while your skin is still in a moist condition. The doctors at Kailon will help you to try the products that will be suitable for your skin conditions. 

The products should ideally contain ingredients like ceramides, urea, fatty acids, glycerol, cocoa butter and shea butter. 

  • Choose our fragrance-free products that won't cause acne. 
  • Look for products devoid of allergy-causing substances 
  • To fight against dry and flaky skin, avoid products that contain sodium lauryl sulphate.

Use creams for the face and neck that contain cocoa butter, petroleum jelly, or coconut oil. For matured skin, it is essential to use products containing antioxidants and alpha hydroxy acids.

Tip #4: Use warm water

Whether it is a long shower or a short bath, hot water will remove the oil particles from your skin. But we suggest to limit the bath time and also to start using warm water instead of hot water, the dryness will minimize. 

Warm water will retain the oil molecules and won't add to the dry feel.

Tip #5: Choice of soap

For handwashing or body washing, fragrance-free soaps are the best way to reduce dryness. If you really want to know how to fix dry flaky skin, we advise to change the soap. Look for the ones that have a moisturizing effect. And don’t forget to apply moisturizer after the bath. Try to apply the moisturizing cream while the hands and neck are still damp. 

Tip #6: Repair dryness with night cream

Some people conveniently avoid the use of night creams as they want to allow the skin to “breathe” for a few hours. But our experts at Kaolin will suggest the use of moisturizers and creams at night. It is a potential mean of treating dry skin. 

During day time, your skin is under the protective layer of sunscreens or creams. At night, as the skin has the highest permeability, allow the skin to absorb the active ingredients of the creams. This is the time you can actually concentrate on how to fix dry skin by the application of these right products. 

Tip #7: Use humidifiers

Parching of the skin can result from hot and dry indoor air. The impact is harmful if you have sensitive skin. It will worsen the itching and flaking process. So why don’t you start using portable humidifiers? Or better, you can use the ones attached to a furnace. It will add moisture to the indoor air and prevent the deterioration of dry and flaky skin. 

Tip #8: Select the right fabric

Natural fibers like cotton always allow the skin to breathe. But materials like wool will irritate the healthy skin sometimes, especially if you have dry skin. So for laundry purposes, use detergents that are devoid of perfumes or dyes.

Dyes and perfumes are irritants. Therefore, when you ask our company how to fix dry flaky skin, we would simply request you to stop using the irritants. Try to monitor the fabrics that feel better on your skin that don’t add to the dry feel. It depends on the person wearing it and the particular skin type. 

The choice of the right fabric and washing materials will have a significant impact on the skin. 

Get rid of dryness

Adding moisture to the indoor air and selecting the right skincare regime along with skin care products will help you conclude how to fix dry skin. 

Dermatologists will be the guardian angels in this journey against dryness of the skin.

Kailon has helped many patients with sensitive and dry skin to handle the condition. Our team of expert skin specialists will test your skin and suggest a customized set of personal care products along with topical medication that we craft with immense care. 

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