10 Tips for Glowing Radiant Skin

Bringing out the natural radiance of your skin is surprisingly easy. The basics steps for healthy skin is knowing your skin thoroughly and choosing the ideal products wisely.


Wash your face twice daily to get rid of the dust and grime that gets accumulated. Sweat can build up in your pores leading to blackheads and acne. Use warm water to wash your face as extremely hot water can strip of the skin of its natural oils.


Apply a toner after washing your face. Avoid toners which are alcohol based and prefer soothing and hydrating one’s like rose water, Hyaluronic acid and vitamin E.


Incorporate serums into your daily routine. Serums contain active ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin and treat various skin concerns.


Exfoliate your skin with a mild scrub at least once/ twice a week. This helps remove dead and dry skin. Exfoliate in a gentle way as rubbing hard can cause irritation and redness.


Use a moisturizer twice a day. Use of a moisturizer is must to keep your skin hydrated and radiant. If you have oily skin use a gel based light weight moisturizer and cream based for dry skin.


Use a sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 or higher even if its cloudy outside. UV rays are very harmful and can lead to early signs of aging and wrinkles.


Eat a healthy, balanced diet. "You are what you eat”. Therefore, if you consume a healthy diet , you will look healthy on the outside. Include plenty of fruits and vegetables.


Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Drinking enough water prevents dehydration and restores the skin’s moisture balance. Drink 3-4 litres of water per day.


Manage your stress levels. Adopt an active lifestyle to control your stress levels. Sleep for at least 8 hours as your body needs time to rest and recover.


Avoid smoking and alcohol.