5 Things You Can Do To Prepare Your Skin for the Winter

Winter is just around the corner. So, the time has come for the best skin care routine for winter to follow. Your skin will generally feel dry at this point. So, focusing on the top winter skincare tips is what you should be looking forward to.

Right now, the market is oozing with products, designed for skincare during winters. So, going with the top 5 things you can do right now is always a good call to address. Checking in with the best winter skincare routine is tough and it varies from skin to skin. But the basics are more or less the same. So, let’s focus on the top 5 routines that you can easily do throughout the whole season right now.

  1. Time for a switching:

In order to prepare your skin for winter, you have to switch from lotions to creams. Lotions are mostly for summer times, and creams are for winter because of the thick consistency.

  • Use creams, which are mostly known for their moisturizing effects, instead of lotions, which otherwise do not provide as strong of an oil barrier as the creams.
  • So, the creams are perfect for a skin care routine during winter and will reduce water loss big time.
  • Creams are known to feel a lot heavier on your skin. But, they will actually do a better job at protecting against humidity and temperature extremes.

Your Skin will usually feel a lot better when you bump up to a richer moisturizer with more oil and less water content in it.

  1. Showers will get a lot shorter now:

Another one of the interesting winter skincare tips to follow is to take short showers. Even though it is true that you want to jump into a long hot shower after a hard day at work, that won’t be a good idea for your skin during winters.

  • Too much water will leave your skin crying for some moisture and will dry it up a lot faster.
  • So, instead of following one prime skincare for winter season, try taking shorter, lukewarm baths and showers and pat your skin dry afterwards. Follow that quickly with a thick layer of moisturizer starting from head to toe.
  • You must use a shower gel instead of soaps during winter baths for extra skin enrichment. It helps you to get a better coverage and will clean your skin from the core.

Try using winter skincare shower gels, labeled to be more hydrating because hydration is what your skin wants right now!

  1. No need to avoid sunscreen:

Just because it is winter, it doesn’t mean you can skip wearing sunscreen. Sunscreen is important to prepare your skin for winter as well.

  • Even though you are less exposed to the sun during winter, that does not mean the rays won’t harm your body and skin. Some skin creams under skin care routines for winter will have sunscreen built in them.
  • But, always remember to carry around an SPF with you, which has a rating of 15 or above.

For all those who are spending quite some time outdoor to soak in the sun, should always use SPF 30 or more for that extra bit of protection your skin needs during winter.

  1. Always be a bit more ahead of stressors:

One of the major and interesting winter skincare tips is to stay a bit ahead of stressors. It might seem bleak at first, but winter brings so many holidays that can be quite fun to celebrate, but also harsher for your skin.

  • Rich food, alcohol and not enough sleep are some of the reasons resulting in bad skin breakouts.
  • It is time to pay some attention towards these sections and try minimizing these fun-filled elements, if you want to take good care of your skin.
  • Stress can often result in cold sores and acne, which are also known as situational prophylaxis. By treating your skin with skincare for winter seasons, especially topical medicines, you can avoid acne from creeping up on you.
  • It is also highly recommended to cut down on simple sugars and carbohydrates, which are available in plenty in processed and fast foods.
  • It is another important winter skincare and a top-notch measure to prevent breakouts from taking place. It will help keep the stressful situation under check.
  • Stress is something that your body can’t take as it will give rise to skin breakouts. It can get a bit worse as well if you fail to take care of your skin on time.

Even though stress is not the only reason behind acne and pimple breakouts, it surely can be one of the major reasons that you need to keep it under control.

  1. Try wearing gloves:

Most people make this mistake of waiting until the temperature turns frigid before putting on their gloves. Well, reliable skincare professionals will not advice this move. It is important to wear gloves every day till the spring comes.

  • It is because even some of the minor skin chapping on hands will turn into fissures, which can get highly infected in no time.
  • Well, the same is true for your lips. So, you are advised to cover your lips with lip balm, before venturing outside.
  • Make sure to use some hand moisturizing creams from time to time to lock in moisture within your palms.
  • There are some non-greasy hand creams available from reputed centers online. So, try using those creams if you don’t like the greasy residue that normal moisturizers provide.

If you can start using gloves right from the first time it starts getting cold outside, then you don’t have to suffer from chapped hands at all.

Protect your skin:

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